Is someone focusing on you and your investment?

We return the focus to investors through returns and risk mitigation by overseeing and co-contributing into early and mid-stage companies. We ensure money is being deployed intelligently and strategically.


Deploy Smart Money

We deploy smart money to management teams in increments to ensure money is being traunched strategically and methodically to reduce burn rate and decrease investor risks.


Maximize Profitability

We unlock the power fueling companies to greatness by working together with founders and management teams from ideation through a successful exit.


Mitigate Investor Risks

We mitigate risk by augmenting and contiguously integrating into many facets of companies we partner with to maximize efforts and fill in management gaps.

A Results-Driven Process


With visionary founders, Synergos Capital Partners provides 360-degree investor support from the moment an investment is made. We leverage the talent and capabilities from our team to support investors achieve their wildest dreams. We are an extension on management and deploy smart money so founders can focus on what they do best: operate their business and investors can have peace of mind that their money is in good hands.

We are your support arm for the long run.



Every Investor Matters

You and your investment matter. Put your money into investments where someone has your back and best interests.


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