Our Story

Who we are

Synergos is a collaborative team of seasoned executives, consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs. Many have taken companies through at least one successful exit, held executive level positions, and have decades of management and startup experience which have resulted in significant achievements. We assembled to leverage our collective experiences and knowledge with a mission to mitigate transaction execution risks and optimize returns.

The story

Synergos was founded by a group of high net worth investors and family offices who were frustrated losing money in investments due to the inability of corporate management teams to successfully execute business plans. The invention of the Internet in the nineties, and more recently the approval of the Jobs Act, granted founders direct access to investors without the necessity of implementing proper corporate governance, oversight or independent management causing a high percentage of these investments to fail.

To increase success and return on investments, we concluded that we needed to bring back an old school approach of “managing the management” and mandate corporate governance and oversight to projects so emotion and execution risk could be mitigated.

Today, Synergos is rapidly growing and assisting family offices, investment banks, private equity and other investment syndicates to mitigate their own investment risks with the goal to maximize returns for their companies or projects.

Our Vision

To be a step above.

Our vision is to become THE PLACE for investors seeking alternative investments with healthy returns and mitigated risks. We want to instill confidence in investors that we are co-investing and helping companies execute through a suite of venture services.

Our Principles

Building Partnerships - we partner with seasoned executives, consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and entrepreneurs who can bring value to companies.

Collaboration - we collaborate with our trusted partners to help guide companies towards overall success, healthy returns, and a well-timed exit.

Supporting Management - We fill in the missing puzzle pieces of management teams to mitigate execution risks for companies through our experience, knowledge, and partnerships.

Being Real - We are authentic and take our role seriously. We are insistent on applying our analytical approach with management to drive results in a systemic manner.

Exceeding Expectations - We like to break the status quo by going the extra mile to optimize returns for our investors.